Welcome to "Pension Shikisai", an inn with a panoramic view of Mt Fuji you can stay with your pet

Pension Shikisai is an inn with special seats overlooking Mt Fuji.
A dog-free inn where you can stay in a room with your family.(Up to medium-sized dogs can stay.Large dogs and pets other than dogs are not allowed)
From January 4, 2021, it will be an inn without meals.【Free bread and drinks in the morning】
There are two types of dog run: outdoor and covered mini dog run.Mt Fuji can be seen from all guest rooms.
The bath is OK for 24 hours and can be reserved for private use.
Enjoy nature with a dog run where you can play with your dog while watching Mt Fuji.
Large dogs are not allowed, but only Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever breeds are allowed.

2023 Lake Kawaguchiko Lake Festival

  • 2023 Rainbow Flower Festival

    2023 Rainbow Flower Festival
       Held from September 1st (Friday) to October 15th (Sunday).
       open time:8:00 to 16:00
       Venue:Fuji Lake Motosu Resort.15 minutes by car from Shikisai to the venue.

    About dogs:Described in the FAQ on the homepage
          You can enter by wearing a leash.
          The cafe in the park has only terrace seats.
          Admission is free.

Fuji-Q Highland

  • Have fun with your dog at Fuji-Q Highland! Fuji One Park

    Campaign from November 1, 2022 to 30! Finished.
    You can play with your dog at Fuji-Q Highland's Lisa and Gaspard Town.!
    It is a 10-minute drive from Shikisai
     *You can ride attractions with your dog.

    For pet admission, please see "Pet-accompanied admission rules"
    When you enter the park, you must sign and submit the participation agreement.
    For the consent form, please print the "Pet-accompanied admission agreement agreement".

Events around Mt Fuji

  • Dog Marche Mt Fuji, Mt Fuji Wanwan Marche

    The 31st "Dog Marche Mt Fuji" held!
    The next event will be held on June 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday), 2023!
    35 minutes by car from ShikisaiIt will be held at Fuji Milk Land" in Shizuoka Prefecture.

     "Mt Fuji doggie Marche"     
    We will post the schedule as soon as we know it.

It became an inn without meals "Free bread and drinks are provided in the morning"

  • It will be an inn without meals from January 4, 2021 "Bread and drinks will be provided free of charge in the morning"

    ★It is an inn without meals.Please check the following changes.★

    <At dinner>
    1. It is possible to bring lunch boxes and side dishes from convenience stores and eat them in your room.
    However, we do not allow you to bring in cooking utensils (hot plates, etc.) to cook.
    Never do this as it may cause troubles such as odor.
    2. A microwave oven and hot water are available in a separate room.Please feel free to use it.
    3. The living room is open until 21:00, so you can use it here.

    <At breakfast>
    "Bread and drinks will be provided free of charge" from 7:30 to 8:30.You can also take it in the living room or in your room.


  • An example of "free offer" of morning bread and drinks(From January 4, 2021)

    ★The plan with breakfast has ended on January 3, 2021.
       Due to various circumstances, it is an inn without meals from the 4th.
       Bread and drinks are provided free of charge in the morning.

    ■Hours Available:From 7:30 to 8:30
    ■Location:Self in the living room You can eat and drink in your room.
      Some bread is refilled.
    ■drink(There is a refill)


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2346-2 Narusawa Village, Minamitsuru County, Yamanashi Prefecture

Telephone number



About 7 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC Chuo Expressway heading Route 139 Lake Motosu.
Turn right at the Shikisai sign and enter 300m.
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Shikisai Channel

  • Shikisai Channel

    Photos of Shikisai's signature dog "Tenshi" and "Mt Fuji one day",
    Introducing restaurants that can accommodate dogs.

Together with Your Dog

Q & A of Shikisai

  • Q & A of Shikisai

    About accommodation and cancellation
    Contains frequently asked inquiries.
    Please confirm.


  • Shikisai Facebook

    The dog you stayed at
    We will update the information around Fuji Five Lakes.
    Mt Fuji will update the photos of Mt Fuji from time to time, so please look forward to it!


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