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Together with Your Dog

Please be sure to read "Rules for staying with dogs" and "Golden& Love special rules".

  • Shikisai attaches great importance to the manners of guests staying at the hotel.
    If you are staying with a dog, please be sure to observe the following.
    If you do not comply, we may refuse to stay.
    In that case, please understand that the cancellation fee will apply.

Rules for staying with dogs

Accommodation・Dogs stay free.
Acceptable dogs・All accommodation is limited to dogs kept indoors (living together in the residence).
・Dogs kept outside, at the entrance, or in a kennel cannot stay.
・Small and medium breeds and mixes can stay up to 15 kg.
・Large breeds and mixes weigh 15 kg or more, and pets other than dogs are not allowed to stay.(For the breed, see the dog pictorial book)
・It is the owner's etiquette to keep the basic discipline (toilet / useless barking, etc.).Please take appropriate measures.
・For dogs with marking habits, be sure to take measures.
・Rabies vaccinated against Rabies.Please be sure to contact us if there are circumstances.
・Please contact us for dogs during and after 2 weeks.
・ Up to 3 animals per room throughout the year.It is not allowed to bring more than the number of heads to stay in the car.
・Please shampoo 2-3 days before your stay.
Assistance dogShikisai supports assistance dogs.
・Auxiliary dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, care dogs, during training) can stay in large breeds.
・Puppy and retired dogs can now stay.However, it will be limited to one group per day.
・When making a reservation, be sure to list the proof that can be proved in the other request box and bring it with you on the day of your stay.
・Please understand that large breeds of general household dogs will not be able to stay overnight.
Golden& Love Special Rules・This facility does not accept large dogs, but the owner's favorite Golden Retriever,
 Only Labrador Retriever are welcome to stay.It seems unfair, but please forgive me.
・Only Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever kept indoors (inside the residence) can stay.
・Large dogs, mixed weights over 15 kg, pets other than dogs will not be allowed to stay.
・Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever retrievers kept outside, at the front door, or in the kennel are not allowed to stay.
・Telescopic leads are prohibited.
・There are many small dogs at this facility, so be careful not to jump.
・Only one room is allowed per day.It is not allowed to bring more than the number of heads to stay in the car.
Check-in・Check-in is from 15:00.Please note that check-in is not possible if you arrive before 15:00.
 Play dog run or wait in the car.
・Be sure to keep a lead when you arrive at the parking lot and drop your dog.
・Never chase a dog into the adjacent premises.
・Be sure to change the direction of the car in the parking lot.Never enter the site next door.

About how to spend

About how to spend at this facility・Be sure to lead the room or put it in a carry bag when moving outside the room.
・Do not let go of the leads.(It is a violation of manners that I have a lead but do not have it)
・Please do not let the elastic lead free and fix it within 2 meters.
・If you are forced to leave your room alone with a dog, please be sure to put it in the gauge you brought with you.
・Never put or wash in the bath in your room or the private bath.
・Do not sleep together on a futon or lie on a bed.
・In case of damage or stain, please notify us immediately.
・Please understand that we may charge a repair fee and a cleaning fee.
・We do not prepare items related to dogs, so please bring anything you think is necessary.
About a walk・Be sure to take the lead during the walk and do not enter into areas other than the road (in the nearby site, field, etc.).
・Be sure to take the droppings with you during the walk and throw them away at the designated place.
  • Please be sure to observe the above.
    If you have any questions or questions, please be sure to contact us.
    If you do not contact us, we will assume that you have given your consent, so please understand.